Alabama EMS Protocol Education

BREMSS 10th Edition EMS Protocols Course

To access the BREMSS Protocol Course, visit the BREMSS eLearning page for information on requesting access to the BREMSS learning management system.

Effective April 29, 2022, the Alabama EMS Patient Care Protocols 9.01 Edition was replaced with the Alabama EMS Patient Care Protocols 10th Edition.

This course meets the requirements of the ADPH Office of EMS for initial protocol training. Approved for 6 hours of Distributive CME, the Alabama EMS Patient Care Protocols are intended to guide emergency medical services personnel (EMSP) in the response and management of emergency situations and the care and treatment of patients. The protocol manual contains all of the medications and procedures allowed for EMSP in Alabama. The BREMSS 10th edition protocol course is an interactive course that will take the viewer step by step through the 10th edition protocol manual. The emphasis of the course is on teaching how to use the protocol manual. 

If you believe that online, distributive learning is not the ideal method for you, please reach out to your region office to inquire about alternative methods of instruction.

For information on which region office you should contact please go to

Download the Resources

Click below to access a downloadable PDF of Alabama EMS Resources

Alabama EMS Patient Care Protocols 10th Edition

Alabama Critical Care Patient Care Protocols

Alabama OEMS Provider Services Operational Guidelines

EMS Rules (effective April 14, 2022)

Additional Training Opportunities

Acute Care Systems Training

Alabama Trauma System

Alabama Stroke System

BREMSS STEMI/Divert Systems

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